photobakery @ Getty Images



As a photographer, discoverability can be one of your greatest challenges.  Even the most striking image can fail to get traction if it can't be found.  I work with Getty Images because the platform gives an enormous boost to my images being seen and utilized, and to the efforts of my clients who want images I create for them to be available around the globe.

I cover a large number of concerts and events that I seek out, because I'm passionate about capturing images and getting them uploaded to Getty's image catalog.

Clients also hire me through Getty so that I can capture images they want to see created.  Whether I'm covering DC Comics' online streaming platform launch at ComiCon in San Diego, Interscope Records' hip hop showcase Northsbest Festival in Seattle or the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, I work with my client to document all the action and then upload images to the Getty site for worldwide available by anyone who licenses editorial content from them.  Getty can even bring in a photo editor if minutes count in making images available.

I have direct relationships with clients and outlets (Rolling Stone, MoPop and glassybaby, for instance) but much of the content - including some of the Rolling Stone uses - is sourced from Getty by outlets around the world.  Have a look at my Around The Web pages for a small sampling of where images have been used.


Please contact me if you'd like to talk about me covering an event for you through Getty. The reach is undeniable.